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Hibiscus Plant Plant
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Product Description

Transport yourself to a world of vibrant colors and lush foliage with our 8 inch Hibiscus plant, a stunning addition to any living space or outdoor area. Celebrated for its exotic beauty and flamboyant blooms, this tropical treasure is sure to captivate and charm anyone.
The Hibiscus plant (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) showcases an array of spectacular, trumpet-shaped flowers in vivid shades of red, orange, pink, yellow, and white. Each striking blossom is surrounded by lush, dark green leaves, creating a dazzling display that evokes the allure of a tropical paradise.
Our Hibiscus plant arrives in an attractive, decorative wicker basket. This versatile plant is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor environments, offering endless possibilities for elevating your space with its tropical charm. With proper care, including well-draining soil, adequate sunlight, and regular watering, your Hibiscus will reward you with a continuous show of breathtaking blooms.
Not only does the Hibiscus plant make an eye-catching focal point for your living space or garden, but it also serves as a thoughtful and memorable gift for any occasion. Delight your loved ones with the exquisite beauty of this tropical gem, inspiring them with its vibrant colors and enchanting allure.

Note: NOT available for Mother's Day 2023. If ordered, we will substitute with an item that is hopefully close in look and price/value, otherwise only price/value. We will not contact customers about making substitutions, as the holiday's volume does not allow us to do so. We thank you for your understanding. Our full Mother's Day offering will be updated every day on the Mother's Day page, so make sure to check there. We will have:
-5 color schemes for vased arrangements in 3 different sizes
- Peony bouquets
- Stargazer vased arrangements
- Hanging plant baskets such as fuchsia, lobelia, million bells, and petunia, as well as dish gardens
- Many different wrapped bouquets
- Maybe tulip bouquets and orchid plants
- Chocolate, Balloon, and Plush add-ons

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Substitution Policy

When you order custom designs, they will be produced as closely as possible to the picture. Please remember that each design is custom made. No two arrangements are exactly alike and color and/or variety substitutions of flowers and containers may be necessary. Prices and availability of seasonal flowers may vary.

Our professional staff of floral designers are always eager to discuss any special design or product requests. Call us at the number above and we will be glad to assist you with a special request or a timed delivery.