UVMMC at 111 Colchester Ave orders: use "FREEHOSPITALDELIVERY".
LOCAL: (802) 863-7053
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Frequently asked questions/FAQ:

  • Will my order be delivered today? 
    • All orders placed before 10AM will be delivered that same day. Some orders placed between 10AM and 12PM will also be delivered the same day, namely ones going to: Burlington, South Burlington, Winooski, Colchester, Shelburne, Williston, and Essex (Junction). Orders placed between 10AM and 12PM for other towns are NOT guaranteed to be delivered the same day.
  • What is your delivery procedure? Do you call ahead? What if the recipient is not home?
    • We only call ahead for deliveries that are 25+ minutes away. All other deliveries we attempt delivery without calling ahead, so it's a complete surprise for the recipient! We first try to ring a doorbell or otherwise knock loudly on the recipient's door. If there is no answer, we will try a second time, and also make sure to give the unsuspecting recipient ample time to come to the door. If it appears no one is home, we then try to call the recipient. If they don't pick up, we will leave a voicemail. We then also text the recipient to let them know we are trying to deliver flowers to them. If there is a response, we will either redeliver that same day if possible, and otherwise we agree on a delivery time frame the next day usually. If there is no reponse, we will usually attempt a redelivery the next day if possible. If the redelivery is unsuccessful or there is no response from the recipient, then we reach back out to the customer to see if they can help us get ahold of the recipient. We do our best to deliver your flowers successfully! Note: we may leave flowers outside/inside when possible, see the next question.
  • Do you leave flowers outside when the recipient is not home?
    • We only leave flowers outside if all the conditions are right for the next 24 hours so that the flowers will be in excellent condition when the recipient finds them. We make sure it's not too windy, not too cold (around freezing), not too hot (above room temperature), and unlikely that the arrangement would be stolen. We also leave a voicemail with the recipient and text them as well. If for some reason we did not meet these conditions, do not hesitate to give us a call! When there is the chance to leave the flowers safely inside, we do this as well (but make sure there are no cats or dogs present as many flowers are poisonous to them). Examples of these places are porches, hallways, and garages.
  • Do you provide flowers on a subscription basis? 
    • Kathy + Co Flowers does provide flower subscriptions. When you place your order over the phone, email, or in person, we can customize the order exactly to your needs. We can deliver flowers on a (bi-)weekly basis, monthly, and any day of the week including Saturday and Sunday. The delivery charge will be discounted by 50%.
  • Do you stage homes with plants?
    • Kathy + Co Flowers, unlike our name suggest, will certainly stage homes with plants. Whether this is to help you sell your house, dress it up for an event, or to style it for pictures, we can do it. Just reach out to us, and we'd be happy to do a complimentary consult at our shop or at your home. 
  • Do you provide flowers for corporate events?
    • Kathy + Co Flowers does service corporate events. We can dress up any banquet or event hall with beautiful flowers, arrangements, and plants. We can talk about your needs over the phone, through email, or in-person. We would be more than happy to do a complimentary consult at the place where the corporate event will be held. We know it's tough to get all the pieces for an event together perfectly - we would love nothing more than to unburden you from some or all of the decoration. Pictures of our work can be provided upon request. We can do many styles of arranging, but are uniquely skilled in modern arrangements that will be sure to wow all of your guests and have many of them wanting to take them home! 
  • Do you use locally-grown or local flowers?
    • Yes we do! We receive fresh cut flowers from a few local farms every week, which we use in our arrangements. Let us know if you want your arrangement to feature locally-grown flowers!
  • What kinds of flowers do you normally carry?
  • What should I do when I have issues with my arrangement?
    • Make sure that the water level is always high enough, cut stems if needed, and make sure the arrangement is in an appropriate "cool" place.
    • Within 4 days (100 hours) of receiving your arrangement, you can always swing by our shop to have your arrangement complimentarily "freshened up"!
    • Make sure to notify us of any issues with your arrangement within 24 hours of receipt/delivery as well as email us pictures of the arrangement (kathycoflowers@aol.com). Beyond this time frame it becomes difficult to pinpoint where issues stem from with an arrangement. We do not issue refunds on arrangements with issues when we are notified more than 24 hours later (in extreme circumstances we may at our discretion increase this time frame to 48 hours). Note: we do not fully replace arrangements for a few flowers "not opening up" or having issues. 
  • How long ahead of time should I place my order?
    • We usually take same-day local orders until 12PM, but ordering a day or two ahead might be better in terms of flower and delivery availability!
  • How far do you deliver?
    • For every day flower arrangements, we go at least as far as 45 minutes away. For funerals and weddings, we go significantly further.
  • What time do you open and close?
  • Can I get in touch outside of business hours?
    • Email us at kathycoflowers@aol.com and we might be able to reach out to you during non-business hours. We occassionally also take phone calls outside of business hours.
  • Are you open to in-person shopping?
    • Yes, as of late June 2022, we are open to the public again! We have a large plush toy selection (including your significant other's favorite animal), some Lake Champlain Chocolate varieties, as well as mylar balloons, dish gardens, candles, and more!
  • Do you carry plants?
    • We always carry dish gardens and peace lilies, but we occassionally carry other plants as well. You can order most other kinds of plants with us for pickup or delivery.
  • Do you carry gifts?
  • Do you have gift cards?
  • Do you carry latex balloons and mylar balloons?
  • Are dogs allowed inside the store?
  • How do I get to Kathy + Co Flowers?
  • Where do I park at Kathy + Co Flowers?
  • What are your delivery hours?
  • Do you provide flowers for weddings and hold wedding consultations?
  • Do you provide flowers for funerals and services and hold consultations for these?
  • Do you provide flowers for special events and services?
  • Are there discounts available?
  • Can I get a discount for buying flowers or greens in bulk?
  • Can I get loose stems and greens for a wedding or other event?
  • How long ahead of time should I call Kathy + Co Flowers for wedding flowers?
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